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Here at Barfords, we can offer you a wide variety of wood restoration services from sanding and lacquering to fitting parquet, the king of Wood Flooring in Shenfield

After discussing your project we can arrange a meeting with you and offer expert advice followed by a written estimate. With over 25 years of experience and full NVQ qualifications, we have carefully worked in listed buildings, commercial and domestic properties throughout the South East of England and beyond.

  • Over 25 years of experience and full NVQ qualifications
  • Wide variety of wood restoration services from sanding and lacquering to fitting parquet – the king of flooring
  • Reputable work in listed buildings, commercial & domestic properties, throughout the South East of England and beyond

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    Wood Flooring Shenfield FAQs

    What types of wood flooring are available in Shenfield?

    There are several types of wood flooring available in Shenfield, including solid wood, engineered wood, and laminate wood. Solid wood is made from 100% natural wood and can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Engineered wood is made from layers of wood and other materials, and can also be sanded and refinished, although not as many times as solid wood. Laminate wood is made from layers of wood and other materials, and is not meant to be sanded or refinished.

    How do I choose the right wood flooring for my home in Shenfield?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the right wood flooring for your home. These include the type of wood, the style of the flooring, the color of the wood, and the level of durability and maintenance required. It is also important to consider the intended use of the room where the wood flooring will be installed, as well as your budget.

    Can wood flooring be installed over an existing floor?

    In some cases, wood flooring can be installed over an existing floor. However, it is important to ensure that the existing floor is level, stable, and in good condition before installing the wood flooring. If the existing floor is not suitable, it may need to be removed or prepared before the wood flooring can be installed.

    How long does wood flooring last?

    The lifespan of wood flooring can vary depending on the type of wood, the level of wear and tear, and the level of maintenance. Solid wood flooring can last for decades with proper care, while engineered wood and laminate wood may have a shorter lifespan.

    How do I care for my wood flooring?

    To care for your wood flooring in Shenfield, it is important to regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and debris, and to use a wood floor cleaner or a damp mop to remove stains and spills. Avoid using excess water or harsh cleaning chemicals, as these can damage the wood. It is also important to protect the wood from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes, as these can cause fading and warping.

    restored flooring

    Flooring Restoration Specialists in Shenfield

    We can sand and repair all types of flooring, including timber floors and engineered wood floors. Our experienced professionals will restore your floors to their original beauty. If your flooring is stained, we can also restore this and return your floors to their original condition.

    As solid wood flooring professionals, we use modern equipment to ensure all flooring we restore is left looking immaculate. The restoration process varies, depending on the type of wood in Shenfield. However, you can be certain that you will be left with beautiful floors that will remain intact for a long time.

    Our high-quality restoration services are guaranteed to transform your property. We can repair small local imperfections in your parquet flooring. We can also sand, wax and varnish a whole room’s floor should it require a more serious repair.

    Floor sanding is what we’re good at and we are highly experienced in working with a variety of wooden floor surfaces. If you require parquet floor repairs, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Barfords for a free quote.


    Our Satisfied Customers

    Barford Contractors were excellent. The floor was transformed from an old orange colour, to looking fresh and brand new. Alan's communication was fantastic from the start. I would definitely recommend Barford Contractors to anyone wanting their floor transformed.

    Rachel F

    Barford Contractors LTD laid oak parquet in our hallway and two front rooms. Throughout the process the communication was great and they were very receptive to our feedback and went the extra mile to make the flooring how we wanted it.

    Charlotte G

    Alan and Mark restored our near 70 year old lounge and hallway parquet flooring, which had been covered by carpets for many years.The work was completed on time, and it now looks like a new floor.

    Tony Bowden


    Barfords, restore anything, from antique flooring to modern grey styles and natural finishes. All with an environmental awareness and in a professional and friendly manner. We also restore most woodwork, and offer free estimates.

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